Traif: Dine on Some Swine

At the mouth of the Williamsburg Bridge, you can find Traif sitting pretty awaiting your arrival. The neighborhood of Williamsburg is exploding with dive bars, new age restaurants, tattoos, and camera-toting hipsters. Traif is smack dab in the middle of a booming Hasidic Jewish community. Ironically enough, the Hebrew word treif is the Yiddish word for food that does not conform with the Jewish religious dietary laws. Between the pork, shellfish, and extensive wine list, Traif could not be a more perfect name for this delicious restaurant. 

My mom, my godfather, and I were seated in the outdoor area in the rear of the restaurant. We caught up over a bottle of Cava and decided to participate in the $45 tasting menu. Nine savory courses ranging from light appetizers to heavy entrees, perfectly portioned for your group size, paired with 2 desserts is the way directly into the depths of my heart. 

I have always been a bit wary of small plates, but I left more than satisfied. The tasting menu is customized to your preferences, so naturally we told the chef, “Surprise us!” Hamachi carpaccio, chicken livers on balsamic bacon toast, pork belly, and braised short rib sliders were just a few notables from the meal. If you ask anyone, I’m sure they will tell you about Traif’s bacon doughnuts. They were fluffy, sweet, and divinely salty; however, my favorite pick is below.

Spicy Bigeye Tuna Tartare over Tempura Japanese Eggplant (c/o of  Jean L.)
Spicy Bigeye Tuna Tartare over Tempura Japanese Eggplant (c/o of
Jean L.)

This simple rendition on tuna tartare was my absolute favorite because of it’s impeccable seasoning and the perfect fry on the eggplant. Eggplant is by far one of my least favorite foods since childhood and Traif has completely converted me back to an eggplant-lover.

BrklynHospitality’s Quick and Dirty: 5/5. I would highly recommend the tasting menu at Traif for any occasion or a night out (with family or your loved one). Despite a bit higher of a price tag, the ambience is relaxed. When they ask you what kind of tasting menu you would like, explore foods you would not normally delve into. Let us know what you think!

229 S 4th St
Brooklyn, NY 11221


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