Blessings: Fresh Herb. Fresh Food.

Blessings is a breath of fresh air on in the Prospect Park South neighborhood I call home. Flatbush Avenue is teeming with the tantalizing aroma of roti shops, West Indian bakeries, and Asian style take-out spots. As delicious as these bold cuisines are, sometimes you just want a simple plate of good food. When that craving calls, make your way up Flatbush Avenue and Hawthorne St to Blessings. They are new on the block and the signage is humble against the weathered green wood entrance; so, keep your eyes peeled because you do not want to miss this!

My quest for a simple and delicious breakfast on a late Thursday morning led me up Flatbush Avenue. I began to lose hope as I passed my third Dunkin Donuts, the roti shops, the take-out spots–again. Just like that, Blessings snuck into my peripheral vision. At first, the dozens of fresh herbs displayed at the front of the store lured me in. Imagine my delight when I see an eclectic café with a small but composed menu. Armchairs are paired with sofas around vintage wooden tables. To the left daily juice concoctions are displayed on the chalkboard and to the right this small café is lined with books to read. The narrow restaurant naturally leads you to the back patio where you can sit near the herb garden on a warm day.

The menu has plenty of tempting options like the hearty Salmon Pastrami Croissant paired with a herbaceous side salad. Another weekend crowd pleaser is the Bananas Foster French Toast. These two dishes are certainly next on my list. However, my desire at the time was for a wholesome breakfast platter and they delivered.

Breakfast Platter
Breakfast Platter

This may look like a simple dish, but the flavors are spot on. The scrambled eggs are prepared on the restaurant’s only hot plate and folded with tangy goat cheese upon request. Thick-cut bacon and the bitter notes of the leafy greens salad are smoothed out by the fresh tomatoes and avocado slices. Get creative and make a pseudo breakfast crostini atop the crusty sourdough slices. Simply delicious.

BrklynHospitality’s Quick and Dirty: 3.5/5. Blessings provides healthy, genuine food in an area that was desperately craving it. The dishes and beverages are methodically prepared and the flavors are well-developed. The casual atmosphere and friendly staff make for a perfect weekday solo study snack, a leisurely brunch, or an unplanned lunch. The waits can get long as all dishes are cooked on the hot plate, but be patient. I can say with full confidence that Blessings will only get better with time. 

Blessings Herbs & Coffee
663 Flatbush Avenue
Brooklyn, NY 11225

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