Your Afternoon Snack: The Wonderful World of Smorgasburg

If you haven’t already, get to Smorgasburg as soon as possible. Every Saturday and Sunday, more than 100 vendors gather to serve you the latest and greatest eats. When you arrive, your choices will span a range of culinary delights like sweet treats from Gooey & Co. and Dough, mofongo from the aptly-named MofonGO and duck delicacies from Duck Season. Don’t let the lines turn you away – they move quickly and the food is hands-down worth it.

Check out these delicious eats from Federoff’s Roast PorkLandhaus, The Good BatchGooey & Co and Ramen Burger. Don’t forget the delicious truffle fries and lemon garlic aioli in the header image courtesy of Home Frite. Every single bite was glorious – I don’t think you can go wrong at Smorgasburg. These vendors are all top notch choices and I can’t wait to try the other 95 vendors! Challenge accepted.

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Saturday Smorgasburg @ Williamsburg

Sunday Smorgasburg @ Prospect Park

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