Where Have I Been? The #Wanderlust Edition

So, the time has come. The obligatory apology post has arrived – it’s been way too long and I know it, but I have good reason. Do Morocco and Portugal suffice? Traveling these beautiful countries had me more than wrapped up, so the least I can do is share a mere sampling of the delicacies I experienced abroad.

A Taste of Morocco: One word: tagines. Tagine is a North African dish named for the pottery the meal is prepared in. We ate various types, including beef and lamb with prunes, chicken with preserved lemon, lamb and even monkfish. Another word: cous cous. Okay, that’s two, but I couldn’t share these pictures without mentioning this iconic dish. From the winding streets of the medina to the tops of the Atlas mountains, you can find thoughtfully prepared tagines and cous cous literally anywhere.

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Eating My Way Through Lisboa: Wow, when I thought I couldn’t eat any more, we arrived in Lisboa. So many treats – fresh seafood, oodles of pork and cheese, and top-notch wine. Check out some of the spots we enjoyed most:

Taberna Ideal (also know as Taberna da Esperança): Every dish is spot on, but go for the scrambled eggs with Alheira, a smoked Portugeuse sausage, and killer sangria. Doesn’t sound like it goes? It does. If there’s a wait, pop into their sister wine bar next door while you wait.

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Taberna Moderna: This restaurant applies new age techniques to traditional Portuguese cuisine. Not only is the food delightful, the staff is amazing! Every member of the front-of-house staff makes you feel like you are right at home. I think we shared a combined total of nine dishes, two cocktails and two bottles of wine. Time well spent. You can’t go wrong here.

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Time Out Market LisboaJust go. Dozens of amazing restaurants available in a fast casual setting. I had prawn risotto, scallop ceviche and a cocktail for less than 20 euros. Do it.

Bonus: DESSERT! 🙂

Hope you enjoyed that drive-by overview of my travels abroad. Have you ever been to Morocco or Portugal? Tell me your favorite dish in the comments!

Okay, back to regularly scheduled NYC programming 🙂


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