My name is Ashia and I love to eat anything and everything – here or anywhere. I’m a 25 year old living in Brooklyn. Since moving here, I’ve been so excited to explore New York and share the great meals with all of you. Most of my culinary adventures are in Brooklyn, but you can count on hearing wherever the wind takes me!


If you need recommendations for an upcoming trip to NY, cover an event, want me to review somewhere in your neighborhood or just want to share your thoughts, let me know here!


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  1. Brittany Hoffman says:

    Hey Ashia it’s the two girls from the subway the other day! So great meeting you and your roommate! We love your blog it’s great and we will be trying as many places as possible!! Next time you try a new place down towards cortelyue or avenue H be sure to let us know we would love to join!!


    1. Hi Brittany! Thank you. I’m glad you guys like it 🙂

      So nice meeting you two. We can definitely go to brunch – Sydney and I have some places in mind. We’ll be in touch!


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